Professional Resumé


PUPPETS: Design and Construction, Wrangling, Performance

    * Emmet Otter’s Jugband Christmas: A New Musical. AKA Jim Henson’s Emmet Otter, Goodspeed Opera House, Jim Henson Company. Puppet Designer, Puppeteer. Christmas 2008, 2009.

    * Sesame Street, Seasons 37- 40. Jim Henson Company. Puppet Designer, Props, Costume Construction, Wrangler. Daytime Emmy Winner 2007, 2009, 2010 for Costume Design/ Styling. Also nominated for 2008.

    * The Beaver, Anonymous Content, Feature Film, Director: Jodie Foster. Puppet Wrangler, Puppeteer. 

    * “Someday”, Rob Thomas, MTV Video.  Parade Puppet Designer, Wrangler, Puppeteer.

    * Optimum Online, Commercial. Puppet Construction, Wrangler, Puppeteer.

    * No Strings International, Educational Films by Kathy Mullen and Michael Frith. Props, Wrangler, Puppeteer.

    * Johnny and The Sprites, Seasons 1, 2, Disney Channel. Puppets, Props, Puppeteer.

    * Blue’s Room, Nickelodeon. Puppet Construction, Wrangler, Puppeteer.

    * Chappelle’s Show, Comedy Central. Puppet Construction, Puppeteer.

    * Avenue Q, Las Vegas, Lyon Puppets. Puppet Construction.

    * Deeply Felt Puppet Theatre, They Might Be Giants. Puppeteer.

    * Crank Yankers, Comedy Central. Puppet Construction.

    * Dingo Ate My Video, VH-1 Wireless series. Puppeteer.

    * Little Shop of Horrors, Broadway, Jim Henson Company. Puppet Construction.

    * Bear in the Big Blue House, Season 4, Jim Henson Company. Lead Wrangler, Puppeteer. Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2002 and 2003 for Costume Design/ Styling.

    * The Book of Pooh, Seasons 1, 2, Shadow Projects. Puppet Construction, Wrangler, and Puppeteer. Daytime Emmy Nomination in 2001 for Costume Design/ Styling.

    * MTV Movie Awards Promo, MTV. Puppeteer.

    * Sammy And Sofa, Tim Lagasse Productions. Puppet Construction, Puppeteer.

    * Finding Nemo on Ice, Disney, Mary Brehmer. Puppet Construction.

    * Night Behind the Windows, Henson International Festival of Puppetry 2000, Janie Geiser and Company. Puppet Construction, Costume Design and Puppeteer.

    * Blue’s Clues Live!, National Tour. Yvette Helin Studio. Puppet Construction.

    * Ether Telegrams, Common Ground Festival- UCLA. Janie Geiser and Company.

      Puppet Construction, Wrangler, Puppeteer.

    * The Lion King, Original Broadway Cast, Michael Curry Design. Puppet Wrangler, Craftsperson.                  

    * Macbeth, Theatre for New Audiences. Ralph Lee, Designer. Puppet Construction.

    * Josiah Meigs and Me, Art at St. Ann’s. Janie Geiser and Vic Chestnutt. Puppeteer.

    * Alice Farley Dance Co., Lookinglass Productions. Stilt Construction.

COSTUMES: Design and Construction, Crafts

    * Jack’s Big Music Show, Season 2, Noggin. Music Videos: Costumes and Props.

    * Shrek –PR, Jim Henson Company. Dreamworks.

    * Coca-Cola Polar Bear- PR, Jim Henson Company. World of Coke, Atlanta.

    * Scissor Sisters Euro Tour, Jim Henson Company. Jason Weber, Designer.

    * Sesame Street International, Jim Henson Company. Ed Christie, Designer.

    * Rugrats Live Adventure, Int’l Tour and Theme Park. Yvette Helin Studio.

    * The Cripple of Inishmann, NYSF. Ann Roth, Designer.

    * Bring in da Noise/Funk, National Tour. Paul Tazewell, Designer.

    * The Alchemist, Classic Stage Company. Michael Krass, Designer.

    * Parsons-Meares Ltd., Crafts Department.

    * Assemblage of Souls, Cosmic Bicycle. Henson International Festival of Puppetry 2000, Costume Designer.

    * Two on Two’s, 52nd St. Project. 6 one acts w/ child actors. 1999. Designer.

    * 2 Skinnee J’s, Capricorn Records. National Tours 1999 and 2000. Designer.


    * Artstar, Gallery HD (Voom). Selected artist for the art reality television show.

    * Space Kittys, Character driven travel blog, 2008-10.

    * Loser’s Lounge, Fez, Joe’s Pub. Guest Singer with the tribute band. 2001-10.

    * “Nippon Ga Dai Suki”, The Orion Experience, Music Video. Art Director and Costumed Performer.

    * WordWorld, PBS. “Bee” voice.

    * Inflatable Dinosaur Heart, National Geographic Magazine. March 2003.

    * Scenic Painting: NYSF, TFANA, Daedalus, NYTW

    * The Madagascar Institute, International Performance Events, 2001-09.


    * People’s Improv Theatre, New York. Diversity Scholarship Finalist. Levels 1 and 2.

    * New York University, B.F.A. in Acting/Directing from Playwrights' Horizons Theatre School ('97).

    * Hangar Theatre Lab Company, Ithaca, NY, Lab Designer ('96).

    * Williamstown Theatre Festival, Williamstown, MA, Apprentice and Intern ('93, '94).

    * Hampton Playhouse Theatre Arts Workshop, Hampton, NH ('91, '92).


"Anney Fresh" McKilligan Ozar,  Brooklyn, NY           AFTRA and AEA