Art Resumé


Space Kittys, Character-driven travel blog featuring Killer, Katso, Peenk, and Katchoop Space Kitty. Inflatable costumes project. Trips to Japan, England, Los Angeles. 2007-2008.

Space Cat, Dietch Projects. Gallery HD's Artstar Cast Member. An inflatable costume of my pink animal self led the cast of Artstar down Grand St. in the 1st Annual Art Parade. 3'x3'x8'. The surprise ending is a balloon release from the Giant Plastic Fish we are dragging. September 2005.

Nuclear Reactor, Volume Gallery, Brooklyn. An inflatable cooling tower tent with an interactive console inside that controls “melt down” lighting and sound effects. Emergency donuts under glass included. 20’'x20’'x17’'. March 2004.

Hello Kitty Temple, 300 Meserole St. Brooklyn. A Hello Kitty Head Inflatable tent, 7’'x12’'x9’'. February 2003.

FRESH REALiTY, Madagascar Institute's “How Far Have We Fallen”, Brooklyn. An inflatable house. 15’'x15’'x10’', Nov. 2002.

Inflatable Heart, National Geographic Magazine, March 2003. Symbolic representation of the scale of a dinosaur's heart. Photographed next to the world’'s largest dinosaur skeleton in Atlanta's Natural History Museum. 7’'x6’'x5', May 2002.

The Pill or Fresh-X 100 mg, Madagascar Institute's “The Festival of The Hurting”, Brooklyn. A giant inflatable pill room. 32’'x12’'x12’'. May 2002.

The Great Pumpkin, Exile, LIC, NY. Inflatable pumpkin tent, 8'x8’'x9’'. Three versions: 1999, 2000, 2001.

The V.I.P. Die Room, Madagascar Institute's “Lost Vegas”, Brooklyn. Die shaped Inflatable tent, 9’'x9’'x9'. Oct 2001.

The InFlamo Room, Society for Experimental Arts and Learning's “Blast Furnace 1”, NYC. Flame shaped inflatable tent, 7’'x7’'x7’'. April 2001.

Inky, SEAL's “Blast Furnace 2”, NYC. An inflatable Ghost tent, 6’'x6’'x8’'. June 2001.

Artstar, Gallery HD and Deitch Projects. One of 8 emerging artists chosen for the docu-reality show. I created an interactive shooting game called Clay Pigeons and a drinking game called Jeckers at the Soho Grand Party. For Open Studios, I created a video and sculpture piece called Big Gary which later was shown again in an expanded version at the Artstar Show at Deitch Projects as He Won't Bite. September 2005- February 2006.

Surprise Someone With Pickles (Now With Flavor), Billboard in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Keith Ozar. A ridiculous Polish pickle advertisement amuses viewers from all cultures and celebrates our love. 14'x9'. September 2006.

Dueling Re-enactments, Washington Square Park. Madagascar Institute. My custom historical markers highlight the events in the Madagascar's Institute's simultaneous performances of the various histories of Washington Square Park. 1'x1'x3'. July 2006.

B-EGG, Chengwin, Manhattan Streets. The Chengwins and The Chunks play with my giant egg- shaped football at The Homecoming Game. 3'x 3'x 5'. November 2004.

Eviction, Robodock Festival, Amsterdam. Madagascar Institute, Team Member. Wrecking Ball Ride with scenic destruction. Sept 2004.

Industry, Glastonbury Music Festival, England. Madagascar Institute. My interactive CANveyor belts delivered empty beer cans to Madagascar’s aluminum foundry. June 2004.

Shadow Puppet DJ Booth, Volume Gallery. Interactive projection project. Puppet making and performing. April 2004.

Blue Thing Trilogy, Spoiler Films. My puppet films.

Car Swing, Robodock Festival, Rotterdam. Madagascar Institute. September 2003.

Hindenburg, Union Sq. Manhattan. My dirigible gets destroyed in the Madagascar Institute's reenactment of the disaster. October 2003.

Condiment War, Madagascar Institute. DUMBO. Battle Cart and bicycle tube water weenie technology. July 2003.

Atomic Polo, Resonant Wave Festival, Berlin. Madagascar Institute presents Atomic Polo with puppet ponies and fire. 6/2002.

Robot Shooting Range, Madagascar Institute's “Festival of the Hurting.” Robot costume/ paintball gun game. May 2002.

Giant Baby Seal Piñata, Madagascar Institute, Crosby Street, NYC. October 2001.

Inflatable Projects

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